What You Should Look for When Purchasing Your Dry Erase Board

Whiteboards are essential tools in offices and schools. They are rapidly replacing the old school blackboards that are turning interactive and white. They are currently found in almost every office and classroom across the country. There are many features available for dry erase boards which means you need to define your requirements before making your selection. You can make your selection basing on features such as PDA interactivity, web, quality of frames and premium board surfaces that do not ghost. If you are in the market looking to purchase these essential learning tools, here are tips for choosing the best whiteboard.

The Surface of the Dry-Erase Board

Dry erase boards are products of painted aluminum or steel, glass, laminate, melamine, and porcelain. Painted steel and melamine dry erase boards are most susceptible to scratching, but they are easy to clean. Porcelain, glass, and porcelain dry erase surfaces are stain-resistance and scratch-resistant. The various types of whiteboard surfaces usually vary in their prices, and most of them come with a warranty. Dry erase white boards that are made from melamine are the most common and the least expensive.

The Frame

The quality of the dry erase frame is not as essential as its surface; however, it is something you should put into consideration before paying for your whiteboard. There are various types of dry erase board frames available in the market, but the main one is the aluminum frame. The aluminum frames are not susceptible to wear and tear, but you should pay close attention to imitations. Most cheap dry erase boards come with plastic, aluminum, frames which are cheaply made and will not provide you with the quality feel and experience that the real aluminum board frames will give you. Also, there are various types of wooden frames available in the market that you can prefer depending on the decoration of your room.

Board Erase-ability

Depending on how you are going to use your dry erase board, you will need to pay close attention to how clean it erases. If you are going to use it for light or low profile such as factory floors and break rooms, melamine surface board is the best since it is the least expensive and easy to erase. However, this dry erase board will require you to use cleaners on a regular basis for better performance. If you are looking for a dry clean board that will be used frequently, the porcelain writing surface board is the best since they require less cleaning. There are many different porcelain surfaces to choose from if you know where to look.

Special Features

Magnetic surfaces increase the scope of your presentations. Also, there is higher end dry erase boards that have grid patterns that not only helps you to draw your diagrams and graphs much easier but also helps you to write in a straight line. The grids are stable, and they are usually not visible and do not distract your audience.


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