How to find the perfect tutor

In addition to subject-specific skills, further skills are needed to convey knowledge clearly. These qualities should be taken into account when choosing the perfect home tutors in Singapore.

The profile of a tutor allows conclusions about whether this can meet your needs.

  1. Trained

Think about the subjects in which your child needs tutoring and decide on the basis of the listed competences, which training the tutor should provide. Who can best meet the needs of your child?, a student, a retired teacher or a native speaker.

  1. Experienced

Many tutors are teachers or have been in the past. Make sure the potential tutor has described his experience. Decide how much experience is needed. Often, students can also provide good support, especially if they have specialization in the appropriate subjects.

  1. Specialized

Do you want the tutor to have special knowledge of a language or a musical instrument at the same time? Then take a closer look at his profile description. Maybe the tutor can help your child not only in math, German or English, but also in drawing or playing a musical instrument.

  1. Professional

How is the cover letter structured in the profile of the tutor? Does it look professional and understandable? A tutor should not have spelling errors in his cover letter.

  1. Recommended

Has the tutor helped other students in the past? Then see if he has given any references in his profile.

The interview

After you have an overview of possible tutor for your child, get to know the candidates personally. Also at the interview, you can identify qualities that make up a good tutor. Inquire with them about the following characteristics or take part in the first trial lessons to get an impression of their personal qualities, methods and skills.

  1. On time

Already during the job interview you can assess the punctuality of the applicant. Many parents have a tight schedule and it is important to them that the tutor teaches the time exactly and is on time.

  1. Honest

Hardly any other characteristic is as important as honesty. You want your child to receive the best support and, of course, you also want to know how your child develops during the tutoring sessions. An honest conversation between you and the tutor can be very beneficial for both sides.

  1. Reliable

You put your child in the hands of a tutor, without you being around the clock, watching how and what he teaches. Full reliance on the teacher and his skills are therefore very important for the academic success of your child.

  1. Understanding

Not every child learns fast. A good tutor should understand students’ different levels of learning and, for example, be considerate and patient about wrong answers or solutions to problems, so that the child is not intimidated.

  1. Persevering

A good tutor needs a lot of stamina to be able to explain certain things several times if necessary. Because the tutoring should also be reflected in the grades of your child. Therefore, test his stamina by taking part in the first tutoring lesson and observing how it works. A good tutor should also be aware that success can not be achieved after one hour.

  1. Flexible

When there are tests or exams, students may need a bit more preparation. Ask if the tutor can jump in spontaneously if a little more tutoring is needed. Flexibility is important to some parents.

  1. Sympathetic

Finally, it is very important that the tutor is sympathetic to your child. Your son or daughter must meet regularly with the tutor, and ultimately decides to a great extent the sympathy of whether the tutor really fruitful. After all, tutoring sessions may of course be fun

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