Preschool Requirements in Utah

Placing a child in preschool for any parent can be an overwhelming task when there are so many factors to consider. The parent has to rate the quality of the facilities, environment of the classroom, and temperament of the caregivers. If the preschool passes the parent expectations, then costs dictate whether to place their child in the hands of that facilitator. Take a look at the state of Utah on what its board of Education requires for educating preschoolers.

The state of Utah Board of Education developed a preschool program “Intended Learning Outcomes” that focuses on preschoolers valuing learning, gaining knowledge and understanding their world. It requires each child to be able to:

Develop social and ethical skills
Demonstrate responsible emotional behaviors

Develop personal hygiene and physical skills
Understand and use basic concepts skills

The state of Utah requires that all preschool caregivers are licensed. Every preschool facility must past inspection, so the school can operate within. Which means each preschool has passed all state regulation codes concerning the operation of the building (inside and outside), provides a safe atmosphere for children to learn and that the caregivers display moderate dispositions toward the children and parents. Parents can look up the preschool online which lists licenses and if inspections/violations were passed ( Parents are required to bring the child’s birth certificated and immunization records, so the facility has copies to provide for the state of Utah. All classes must be grouped according to children’s ages, for example 2-3-year olds should be grouped with 4-5 years olds. No more than eight toddlers should be assigned to one caregiver in a facility setting. Preschools vary in the type of education they can provide to each child. For instance, some preschool services west valley ut offer field trips several times a week through their local areas. Children get to experience differently types of activities and behaviors. Some preschools have a waiting list, so parents are contacted when a there is an opening. Children are taught through music, group play, arts and crafts, and science. Before the child attends kindergarten, he/she should be able to master these skills:

  • Count from 1-10
  • Use washroom/hand wash
  • Recognize shapes/colors
  • Dress self/tie shoes.

Preschool Directors should have a bachelor’s degree and hold a Certified Childcare Professional certificate. Caregivers should have an associate’s degree and completed 40 hours of specialized classes for specific area of endorsement such as working with infants and toddlers or special needs children. The State of Utah encourages participants to complete the childcare requirement classes so that bonuses are given. The bonuses range from $95 to $950 based on education and completion of each certification level

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