Five Team Building Key Factors for A Better Result

No matter how good your job, school, sports or hobby team is it can always be better. The best companies and organizations work because they have a cohesive unit where everyone plays their part. Team building is worth the cost and much more than trust falls and singing in unity. In this following article, we will give you the 5 key factors for Building a great team.


Everything begins with your mental state and attitude. Everyone is going to have their perspective so listen so that power moves can be made to create results. Enter Team Building with an open mind and willingness to engage in something you’re not into. This is an investment in your future so mute your skepticism and go into the exercises and conversations with sincere effort and intentions. You might be pleasantly surprised with the results you receive.

People Power 

In this environment, everyone matters and is respected and listened to. Although Extroverts tend to be the stars of most teams the best results come from their collaboration with the deep-thinking introverts. There are no levels or authority just equality. Everything is done in order and the team will move as a single unit to get goals accomplished. Align with the same mind and you’ll get predictable results.


Build trust by getting to know each other in a safe place. Our secrets and similarities will make us view our team members as more than a co-worker. Feeling connected to our fellow member will make us feel inclined to go to war with and for them. This is very important to the process.

Fun and Happiness 

Happiness is a state of mind that no one can control but you. Put on the feeling of enthusiasm and it will be infectious. Be a leader even if your title isn’t one of authority. Team trips out to lunch and events can have a positive impact. For example, a company engaged in team building dallas tx implemented a BBQ cook-off that was a great success. Do team building exercises that will have you laughing and enjoying yourself. The time will fly as your team’s bond begins to grow and spread.


Create an action model (create process- Identify needs, create instructions, plans and assign roles; analyze- Give yourself a time period and then look at your results; measurement- How have you grown. If you haven’t you have to tweak the process and reset.) to develop an elite team . First, evaluate your current process. Then look at what is working, what isn’t and what needs to be put in place to cause a tangible positive progression. Define your goals, make them granular and then assign duties to members.

With these five key factors, you are prepared to take your team to a better place collectively. When team members have clear instructions and an understanding of their role they will be more inclined to jump in and do their best. This is a constant process that is well worth the time, more and effort.

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