A Teacher-friendly Mobile App – To boost reliability and efficiency

A mobile teacher app thinks proactively, moves quickly, and makes the best choice by switching to the teacher app. The techno era has transformed instructors into educators by utilizing cutting-edge technology to maximize potential.

The standout characteristics are as follows:

  • Superior clear streaming

The pupils become distracted by the choppy, grainy, and indistinct video, which causes teachers to lose control of the lesson’s flow. the improved live-streaming video lesson module. It aids in improved understanding by making the idea more complex for both teachers and pupils.

  • Without-link video rooms

Extramarks connect quickly compared to other video conferencing systems without the need for hassle-free links or passwords. When the administrator sets up the video classroom, the parents are immediately aware, and the connection is even easier.

  • Uncomplicated Screen Sharing

Sharing a screen is another benefit of Extramarks.

To allow all of the pupils to see the current action, the teacher can project the screen to them. can exchange documents, spreadsheets, videos, GIFs, and other types of information. This function will support teachers and students in fostering deep knowledge and learning.

  • Learning in groups with a virtual whiteboard

The use of a digital whiteboard during an online class encourages student interaction. The instructor can offer the material in a variety of ways. Students are better able to conceptualize and form conclusions when things are written down, illustrated, and explained.

  • Keep the Participants List under lock and key

The participation list will be shown in the instructor dashboard of Extramarks. Teachers can determine whether a student is present in class or not by using color differentiation. For instance, a green dot denotes those pupils in the class who are present, and a red dot denotes those who are not. This forces the teachers to compile a list of everyone absent.

Online class etiquette is required for straightforward Video & Audio Mute virtual lessons. With just one click, the teacher can mute the audio and turn off the video for all of the students. To deliver the lessons effectively, students can either mute the audio or turn off the video at the same time.


Without a doubt, the teacher app has reaped remarkable rewards. The teacher app enables teachers to do a variety of activities quickly and easily. As a result, teachers are forced to manage their time efficiently.

  • Develops a close relationship with the teacher

The Extramarks teacher app’s greatest benefit is effective communication. Since the information is communicated to the appropriate source at the appropriate time, communication gaps are eliminated. The teacher develops a reputation among the parents for bridging communication gaps, which improves the pupils’ learning objectives.

  • Control your time well to be more productive

For every teacher, time management is their toughest challenge. The teacher struggles to finish the assignment on time. The teacher app aids the instructor in every manner to boost productivity. For instance, rather than wasting time recreating lesson plans repeatedly, teachers can save their lesson plans and assignment subjects at any time.

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