Tips for students to get through exam time with minimal stress

As any student knows, exam season is the most intense period of the entire semester. No matter how well you prepare, you’ll still get that small spike of nervousness before you have the test right before you. Whether for better or for worse, everyone has to go through it. This stress can be intensified as well by peer pressure on students to perform well, language barriers due to studying abroad, or material that’s especially difficult. But does that mean that you’re doomed to a rough ride from the get-go? Of course not! There are various ways of dealing with it and minimizing the stress from exams and here are some of them.

While studying in the Netherlands, the experience is critical since you will be met with newfound difficulties along the way, especially as an international student. Often there is an increase in studying difficulty as you make the leap in your education level, as the material gets more specialized and complex. Whether it’s regular exams, teachers with very high expectations, or material that you can’t fully have a grasp on, it all can get overwhelming at times. Remember to breathe and keep perspective – one exam’s result is not going to change your life in the slightest. Be mindful of when you need to take breaks too.

Some study environments are ultra-competitive and as a result, put a massive amount of pressure on their students. One of the consequences is that many students feel the need to rebel against this system and end up finding unhealthy ways to release stress. If you’re wondering how to deal with peer pressure as a student – here are some tips.

  • Trust your gut, especially if you have a bad feeling about someone or something.
  • Think about the impact it will have on you after the fact.
  • Don’t do anything you wouldn’t readily choose to do if you were by yourself.

For many students, test anxiety is a combination of the following things: bad study habits, poor past test performance, and other underlying anxiety problems. There are many simple things a student can do to fend off test anxiety. Just remember that the human brain is one of the most adaptable mechanisms in the world, so it’s possible to feel calm and even excited on test day.

Being an international student in the Netherlands does not mean you shouldn’t have fun during your studies; however, just to do so responsibly. Learning to say no to peer pressure when it’s not beneficial to you is a challenging but vital lesson to progress in life.

Instead, you should focus on activities that are better for you in the long run. Things, like exercising, eating healthy, and avoiding social media and stimulants, are going to pay off to make you feel, act and learn better. You will improve your sleep, your mood, and as a result, your stress levels will decrease.

Most of all, it’s about choosing to act responsibly when the opportunity comes and resisting peer pressure. That can be done by studying regularly, living healthily and sticking to a schedule that will give you a sense of progress. That will directly translate to a feeling of preparedness once the time comes, which will serve to combat any stress or anxiety you might have before the test.

Once the exam season is over, remember to treat yourself to your favorite shows or food you’ve put off – you deserve it for making the right choices and giving it your all. Good luck moving forward and remember, while studying is crucial for you personally, the grades you receive say nothing about who you are as a person.

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