Best LSAT Courses in New York

Kaplan which offers LSAT classes in New York City and surrounding areas. It is arguably the largest LSAT preparation and law school Admissions Company with online and live courses. Kaplan has been offering LSAT courses in NYC for years. Their LSAT preparation software has customized curriculum to match your strengths and weaknesses. You work with your schedule and your tutor helps create an inclusive study plan that targets the material necessary to maximize your potential. You are also able review practice tests, ask questions and seek guidance to boost your points come test day. There is also LSAT Prep on Demand which is a cost effective preparation option that includes videos and content but no personal instructor.

Kaplan has live classes starting every few days. Each course includes seven four-hour sessions, plus three with proctored practice exams that help you track your progress. Furthermore, all resource materials are available to self-paced students.

Manhattan Review which breaks down the LSAT complexities in order to help students achieve the best scores. There is proven track record for success and a high probability to excel while in law school. They offer distinguished programs that will help you join globally renowned law schools. The Manhattan Review LSAT courses cater for the unique needs of each and every learner. So, you never feel left out. The courses are rigorous, flexible and Interactive Online Courses in a virtual remote learning environment.

The Manhattan students are able to ask questions and receive answers or assistance from trained instructors. For live courses, as a student you can also speak to your instructor one on one whether it is during or even after class sessions. They also give guarantees that their instructors have high scores on a real LSAT exam.

The Princeton Review is another company that offers preparation courses and practice that is realistic. Several of them you take in a class setting under proctored conditions to ensure you get comfortable with the time constraints and assess your progress. The classes are available in person and also online; private tutoring is also available. If you are interested in just a refresher course then it is a good option. The proctored exams offer you the chance to test your capability to apply strategies learnt in class while familiarizing oneself with time management. Another advantage of using Princeton Review is that candidates in live courses are able to reach out to their instructor via phone or email.

Blueprint LSAT is a host to many live LSAT prep courses in areas such as Brooklyn and Manhattan due to its self-paced program. The core material is taught in a fun and engaging way followed up by adaptive homework to emphasize the key concepts and strategies. For in person students, they are able to access resource materials through their web browser or app. Blueprint LSAT has one of the most affordable tutoring companies. However, some courses are taught only at certain times of the year as outlined in their website.

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