10 Tips for Passing CFA Exams

Passing CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) isn’t easy. The CFA Institute notes that only 43% of candidates who sit for the CFA exams excel or pass. Nevertheless, passing CFA exams is possible with the right preparation.  With plenty of resources from credible CFA learning tools such as AdaptPrep, passing CFA isn’t a big deal. Below are 10 AdaptPrep tips to prepare for CFA exams that will enable you to pass your CFA Exams.

  1. Concentrate on the curriculum provided by CFA Institute

Other than using other sources of information while studying for your CFA exams, use the study materials provided by CFA Institute. The institute’s curriculum provides study tips and prep materials that are relevant to CFA exams.

  1. Prepare in advance

CFA Institute advises candidates to study in advance for their CFA exams.  Ideally, the institute recommends a six-month preparation, in addition to studying between 300-400 hours.  Simply put, the earlier the candidates start studying for their exams, the greater their chances of passing.

  1. Plan carefully

Six months of studying can be quite a long time, and you might easily get distracted along the way. To ensure you aren’t neglecting your study time, come up with a study calendar that includes a weekly 12-hour study time for revising for the CFA exams.

  1. Choose a studying method that suits you

Studying methods can be effective for some candidates and ineffective for others. While studying for your CFA exams, therefore, pick a studying method that you previously used to study for your exams and you succeeded. If your study method includes revising and watching CFA videos, then implement it while studying for your exams.

  1. Make maximum use of the study materials at your disposal

CFA offers studying materials, which are helpful for candidates preparing to sit for their CFA exams. There are other materials from Adapt Prep and other credible CFA learning resources. Whichever studying material you have at your disposal, ensure you get the most from them.

  1. Practice, practice makes perfect

Spend time practicing CFA exam sample questions. Additionally, take ample time to learn how questions in CFA exams are asked, and go through as many CFA exam questions as possible.

  1. Don’t omit anything out

When it gets to CFA level 1, every unit of the possible 10 units is quite important. As such you can’t afford to omit anything out. Be well versed with small subjects that are devoid of much coursework.

  1. Time management is crucial

For CFA level 1, there are 40 questions that must be completed within an hour. It means that you only have 90 seconds to spend on each question on average. Manage your time well, lest you are unable to complete all the required questions.

  1. Don’t rush things

While you need to pay attention to time, don’t work too fast. Work without rushing things lest you fail to pay attention to questions or miss questions altogether.

  1. Take it easy

CFA exams are just like any other exams you have sat for. While sitting for these exams, takes things easy and don’t panic, as though it were a matter of life and death.

CFA exams are easy to pass if only you are prepared for them. With these 10 tips for passing CFA exams, you’ve ultimately known more than you need to pass these exams with flying colors.

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