Getting Your Children to Be More Engaged in the Classroom

There are millions of students who make the decision to drop out of school every day in the United States. It is heartbreaking to know that many students drop out of school not knowing what their fate is going to be in the future. A majority of students who make the decision to drop out of school don’t have parents who are involved in their education. In order for students to be successful in their education, they have to have parents who fully support their educational demands. According to Business Insider, there were more than about 27.6 percent of students who dropped out because they were simply failing way too many classes. About more than 25.9 percent of student dropped out because they were simply just too bored. Research also showed that the student’s socioeconomic status made a difference on whether or not they dropped out of school as well. For example, those students who came from low-income areas were more than 2.4 times more than likely to drop out of high school than those who came from middle-income or high-income backgrounds. It is important for parents to be more involved in their student’s education and to get creative on getting their children to be more engaged in the classroom.

According to Education Corner, there are many ways to motivate your child to learn, such as: develop an atmosphere of reading, putting your child in the driver’s seat as much as you could, encourage open and sincere communication, focus on your child’s interest, introducing encourage different types of learning styles, show your enthusiasm for learning, make running fun, make learning game based, focus on what your child is learning, help your child stay organized, recognize achievements, focus on strengths and make learning an everyday goal. You can also assist your child in getting them to be more engaged in the classroom by allowing them to use apps that encourage learning. Many schools are using special apps and websites that allow children to be more engaged. It is almost like using social media, except without the risks of being judged or criticized.

There are many apps out there that allow students to communicate online. They are also able to share their work and work on group projects with other students all online. There are also secure sites where students are able to receive comments from parents and teachers on their accomplishments of their projects and homework. This will allow students to feel accomplished and motivated in their work. You can take time to research many of these sites by looking online for an education research consumer guide: student portfolios: classroom uses.

Helping your child stay motivated is a key component to their overall success. Take time to think about how you can help your child. Teaching your child, the fun way is the best way to help them learn. The more fun and interesting their education is, the more they will likely stay motivated and interested. This is the best way that you can help your child learn.

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