Acquire the services of expert doctors for clinical drug trial

Designing a drug for a particular bodily ailment is considered as the primary step for pharmaceutical company. It is very essential to do a thorough clinical trial which will make you aware of the perfect working of the drug and whether it is suitable for people or not. In reality doing a clinical trial is considered as one of the most difficult tasks. Thus, most of the companies prefer to acquire the services of Contract & Clinical Research Organization as they are thorough with the codes of clinical trial and manage the data in an efficient manner.

Different types of phases used in drug trail

Phase 0

This is considered as the initial step in the clinical trial where small group of people are used for the drug trial, near about 10 in number. Thus, in the initial stage doctors will know how drugs will react inside the body and affect a patient.

Phase 1

In this trial doctors will try to find out more effective dosage of the drug which has few or no side effect on a human. Thus, you can once again work to design a drug which provide efficient cure to a patient. In this stage you will also get to acknowledge whether the drug which you have designed can be given to a patient during phase 2 of a drug trial or not.

Phase 2

In this stage, your drug will be tested on random patients and doctors will maintain a data which make you realize whether it is effective or not. Doctors also design two different groups; one of the groups will receive standard treatment while the other will get a drug manufactured by you. In this step, experts will look closely to the side effects if any and they can also stop the treatment if the level is very high. At last, you will get the results of the clinical trial and get to know whether the drug designed by your company is effective or not.

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