What jobs require a Business Management Degree?

If you are thinking about which degree to study, there is a wide choice of subjects from which to choose. Some will be specific to a certain career (such as Law) while other degrees give more flexibility in terms of what you could do with the qualification after graduating. Business management is one such degree that is more general in scope about its subject and as such gives a wide choice in how you can use it to secure and forward a career.

Business management degrees cover a wide spectrum of potential careers and roles. That makes such a degree very useful if you do not know which business-related path you wish to follow after finishing your education. With such a broad appeal, holding a business management degree will enable you to find the perfect future job.

Business management jobs

Business management degrees offer up a number of interesting career options for graduates. According to Bryant and Stratton, the below are just some of the fields where you could find your degree useful:

  • Executive assistant – working as an executive assistant could see you earning an annual salary of around $40,000. With job prospects in this field predicted to rise by 12% in the coming years, it is certainly a promising career to move into. Most EA’s will hold an Associate or Bachelor’s degree in business management so yours could be the foot in the door that you need. This is a rewarding role for anyone who enjoys solving problems and using their organizational skills.
  • Admin services manager – in the past, it was possible to become a services manager in an office through working your way up the corporate ladder at a company. Now, however, most will ask for a degree in business management which means this is another exciting field you could move into. The business, accounting and financial skills your business degree will arm you with are ideal for this career path.
  • HR specialist – another career you could follow with a business management degree is HR Specialist. This is ideal if you like dealing with people and helping your colleagues to be happy in their work. It will also see you deal with recruitment and training in most cases. This role pays around $90,000 per year on average and will allow you to use all the new skills you have learnt.
  • Market research analyst – if you want to use your degree in a dynamic and fast paced role, this is one path that would be open to you. The knowledge your business degree will give you by the time you finish will allow you to construct surveys, present your findings and conduct thorough research into new markets. Paying up to $75,000 per year on average, this is a great job for someone with a business degree.

Business management is sought after

As you can see from the varied list above, a business management degree is very handy to have. It encompasses a whole range of skills which positions you perfectly when thinking of which career to choose. Of course, it also gives you the qualifications and theory needed when moving into more senior managerial positions over time.

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