All about UPSC Results – Prelims, Mains & Interview

Civil Services Examination (CSE) which is commonly known as IAS Exam is conducted annually. Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) is in-charge of conducting this exam, usually in the months of May or June. This year, i.e. 2019, UPSC Prelims took place on 2nd June 2019 and UPSC Mains in the month of September.

Next year, i.e. 2020 – Prelims is scheduled for 31st May 2020. Now as we all know that UPSC CSE is a dream of many. Millions of aspirants want to see their name in the final result of the IAS exam, however, the journey until then is full of twists and turns.

Before you know the details about the UPSC results, you should know the exam pattern of the civil services exam. The exam is conducted in three stages:

  1. Preliminary Stage – Prelims (It has two papers – General Studies and an Aptitude Test called CSAT.)
  2. Mains Stage – Mains (It has nine papers – English Language, Regional Language, Essay, GS-I, GS-II, GS-III, GS-IV, and two optional papers.)
  3. Interview – Personality Test (It can prolong from 15 mins to around an hour.)


IAS Exam
Stage Paper Marks
Prelims General Studies 200
CSAT 200
Mains English Language 250
Regional Language 250
GS-I 250
GS-II 250
GS-III 250
GS-IV 250
Optional Paper-I 250
Optional Paper-II 250
Interview Personality Test 275

Now, the aspirants know about the exam pattern and now he should prepare accordingly for his name to appear in the UPSC results. A few tips you can read quickly on how to prepare:

  1. Make a timetable
  2. Memorise the UPSC syllabus
  3. Stick to NCERTs and a reference book for each subject
  4. Make a revision plan and follow it religiously
  5. Take tests and analyse your mistakes before you run out of time

Now coming to the results. UPSC usually takes a month’s time to declare results for Prelims. For example, if the Prelims took place on 2nd June 2019, the result came out on 6 July 2019 which is almost a month. Similarly, the commission takes around two/three months to declare the Mains results. In this case, Mains started from 20 September 2019. The Mains results are hence, expected to come out on 20 December 2019.

After Mains, the Personality Test starts from the month of February/March. The final result after calculating the scores of Mains and personality test, comes out in the month of May, before the Prelims scheduled for that year.

Some points to know about the results:

  1. Prelims’ score is not calculated while declaring the final result, It is just a qualifying stage. The aspirant has to clear the cut-off score decided by the commission and then he/she can sit for the Mains exam.
  2. Mains score is a deciding factor as the GS papers are quite analytical in nature and it takes a lot of effort to pass this stage. The total of 1750 marks decides your fate. How much you score out of these marks will decide your rank after you give the Interview.
  3. Interview score is important too. If an aspirant plays well during the interview too, there are chances for him/her to clear the exam effortlessly.

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